Welcome to the NDG Community Committee on Elder Abuse Web Site

The members of the NDGCCEA welcome you to their website in an effort to raise awareness of the ongoing and growing problem of elder abuse in our society.  Violence against older adults is not a new phenomenon and has only come to the attention of researchers and practitioners in the past three decades.  Estimates in Canada note that approximately one in 25 seniors (over the age of 65) are victims of abuse and neglect.  Similar estimates have been made for the United States.  Over the years, more countries have been identifying the problem and are searching for ways to bring it to public attention.  Researchers and authors conclude that it will grow as a worldwide social, legal and health problem as populations age and the number and proportion of older adults increase.  This site is intended to help people access and share information regarding the issue of elder abuse.  Awareness will only help health practitioners, caregivers and the public identify and prevent abuse and neglect within the senior population.

* Members of the NDGCCEA were recently interviewed on CTV News: Golden Outrage: Elder Abuse (CJAD audio broadcast)

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